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Guitar Program
Guitar Program
Director, Erin Randolph
Guitar Director
Erin Randolph
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Guitar Program

5 days ago

Welcome to the Madras Guitar Homepage! The Madras Guitar Ensemble is a very young, but rapidly growing and successful music program.  Our mission is to offer music instruction that is clearly outside of the “classical” setting. The program is often coupled with band and choral experiences throughout middle school for many students.  It is our belief that the study of any musical instrument, whether it be in the choral setting, the orchestral setting, or the band setting, is without question one of the best ways to teach discipline, responsibility, team work, and self-esteem through performance. 

 Our program, while devoted strictly to the study of string instruments, also includes a variety of music history, music theory, and music appreciation activities.  It is our goal that every student who experiences our program leaves Madras with a solid foundation on which successful musicianship may be built. 

 Madras Guitar is a year long course as part of a three year study.  However, beginners at all levels are welcome to join based on director approval.  Our home page will hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding class guidelines and expectations.  We also hope that by using our homepage, you will be easily kept apprised of all upcoming events, announcements, and important information. 

Thank you for visiting the Madras Guitar homepage!

Holiday Concert Info

5 days ago

What Day? Saturday, December 14, 2019

Where? Nixon Center on Lower Fayetteville Road

What time? Performance begins at 2pm

When should my student(s) arrive? No later than 1:15pm

What should my student wear? Madras Guitar polo and khaki pants. Shirts MUST be tucked in.  No shorts, blue jeans or flip flops will be permitted on stage. 

There should be absolutely NO gum, food, or drinks in the facility prior to, or during, the concert!

What if my child cannot attend? He/she will be required to make a video recording of their concert repertoire and email it to Mrs. Randolph for concert credit. Please remember… the performance counts as the final exam for this course.  Recordings must be submitted before 3:30pm on December 18, 2019

Questions? Email Mrs. Randolph at